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Commitment to Data and Automation-Driven Technologies

Palisades utilizes proprietary technologies to drive efficiencies, gain transparency, manage risk and enhance portfolio value.

Proprietary Data Management & Technology Systems

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Single source for managed loan/property portfolios
40k+ rows of code-based routines
Dozens of 3rd party servicer/vendor integrations
Autonomous ETL ecosystem enables rapid scaling

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Customized collateral analysis system for loan/property data
Produces standardized import/export files
Proprietary smart data mapping technologies
Collaborative cloud-based infrastructure

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Plateau Powered By Palisades

Cloud-based modular modeling system
Centralized cash flow models used across products
Simulations, asset valuations, price/yield/spread tables
Proprietary architecture and custom scripting environment

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Risk system powered by non-traditional unstructured data
Interprets servicing notes and borrower correspondence
Creates actionable insights for credit decisioning
Uses natural language processing & machine learning routines

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Mortgage collateral document management system
Centralized collateral tracking and remediation activities
Integrated with custodians and collateral document vendors
Automated workflow and asset-level prioritization routines

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Data visualization & reporting system powered by Tableau
Linked to Enterprise Data Warehouse
Filtered data produces static and time series reports
Real-time dashboards across managed portfolios

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Servicer remittance reconciliation application
Automates functions related to monthly cash reconciliation
Customized for inbound data from multitude of loan servicers
Automated exception handling and data validation