Impact Commitment

Being mindful and intentional with respect to our actions and their impact is an important principle in Palisades’ approach to delivering value to clients, investors, counterparties, employees, communities, and stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

Palisades is committed to integrating impact principles into our core business activities. This includes activities surrounding our corporate stewardship initiatives as well as investment management strategies within the residential credit and real estate markets.

Our Corporate Stewardship commitment focuses on:

  • 01.

    Environmental Sustainability: Reducing Palisades’ environmental impact, including efforts to minimize the firm’s carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and adopt eco-friendly practices.
  • 02.

    Stakeholder Engagement & Human Capital: Building strong relationships with clients and communities through engagement and helping to address their needs and concerns. Fostering a meritocratic firm culture that provides for fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all prospective and current team members without bias.
  • 03.

    Ethical Conduct: Upholding ethical business practices by promoting integrity, fair dealing, transparency, accountability, and responsible governance.

Our Investment Management Stewardship commitment focuses on:

  • 01.

    Investment Sustainability: Ensuring credit products are underwritten and structured in a prudent, fair, and equitable manner for borrowers seeking real estate or other types of financing. Focusing on products that increase access to housing while creating value for consumers, businesses, and neighboring communities.
  • 02.

    Asset Management: Developing sustainable and mutually beneficial outcomes for distressed borrowers. Maintaining real estate properties in a manner that enhances their value and positively impacts the surrounding communities.
  • 03.

    Innovative Solutions: Creating and adopting technologies that enhance data management, increase transparency, optimize and streamline decisions, and reduce redundant and manual tasks to enable team members to focus on higher value activities.

"Building a better future starts with better practices today. Impact Principles are the foundation for our investment and corporate journey."

Impact Commitment In Practice

Palisades considers Impact Principles based upon its core business of:


Investing in various types of consumer and business purpose residential loans and real estate related products


Managing risk by taking an active role in asset level credit decisions


Overseeing the disposition of property and real estate-related assets

Investment professionals at Palisades consider a wide range of macroeconomic, demographic, socioeconomic and geographic factors when developing an outlook with respect to investment strategies, portfolio construction, and credit risk management activities.

These considerations include analyzing the suitability of credit products for individuals and businesses, providing credit to small business and self-employed borrowers, supporting the development of updated and energy efficient housing structures, developing strategies to assist credit-challenged borrowers, selecting vendors that support ethical consumer lending and default management activities, and ensuring proper maintenance of properties. Palisades and its affiliates maintain a commitment to planning, operating and responsibly scaling our business with strict Impact Principles in mind.

Adding value for Stakeholders through a commitment to Impact Principles.