Jul 08 2024

Bankrate: Mortgage rate forecast July 2024

“ rates are likely to remain elevated in July,” says Haseeb Rahman, portfolio manager at Palisades Group.

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Jun 18 2024

Podcast - Alt Fund Network: Real Estate Credit Market With Jack

The Alt Funds Network podcast is a video podcast focused on interviewing interesting topics and people in the alternative investment industry.

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May 09 2024

Market Insider: The Fed brought some relief to the housing market

"Until mortgage rates drop below 6%, it is unlikely that pent-up deferred sales will meaningfully contribute to supply," Macdowell added.

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Apr 29 2024

Int'l Business Times: FOMC May Meeting: Stagflation, Presidential Election Could Put The Fed In A Bind

"Given recent inflation data, there is a strong consensus that policy will remain restrictive until inflation abates," added Jack Macdowell, Co-Founder, Managing Member, and Chief Investment Officer at Palisades Group.

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Mar 22 2024

Alternatives Watch: Unlocking value: Exploring the dynamics of private residential credit investments

Private residential credit is poised to gain the attention of investment allocators in 2024. With housing inventory at historically low levels, home equity at all-time highs, and exceptional credit fundamentals, a diversified private residential credit portfolio can add diversification, attractive credit attributes, and uncorrelated and enhanced returns relative to traditional fixed income.

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Mar 21 2024

Home sales surged last month with more inventory hitting the market

"Mortgage rates remain too high to entice homeowners with an average interest rate of 3.8% to sell their homes," said Jack Macdowell, chief investment officer at Palisades Group.

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Jan 24 2024

Palisades Group Welcomes Ken Rideout as Senior Advisor

Rideout's dedication and commitment to helping organizations grow and succeed is reflected in all aspects of his life and career.

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Jan 04 2024

Scotsman Guide: Psychology and Emotion Drive Homebuying Decisions

Pent-up deferred sales could unleash a torrent of housing supply once interest rates drop - Jack Macdowell, Chief Investment Officer

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Jan 03 2024

Accounting Today: Finance pros navigate the impact of inflation in 2024

By: Fraser Armstrong-Watters & Chris Dunn

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Dec 14 2023

Business Insider: The Fed brought some relief to the housing market

"Until mortgage rates drop below 6%, it is unlikely that pent-up deferred sales will meaningfully contribute to supply," Macdowell added.

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Nov 30 2023

Forbes: Mortgage Rates Forecast For 2024: When Will Rates Finally Come Down?

“Our best guess is that mortgage rates will remain in the 7% to 7.25% range throughout Q1 2024," says Jack Macdowell.

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Nov 16 2023

StrategicCFO360: How To Start A New Job As CFO

The first hurdle to get over is having an open and honest relationship with all the stakeholders of the company

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Oct 06 2023

Palisades Group announces compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)

"Achieving compliance with the GIPS standards reflects our commitment to industry leadership, integrity, and transparency in reporting our investment performance to clients,” said @Fraser Armstrong-Watters, CFA, Chief Financial Officer of Palisades.

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Sep 20 2023

Financial Times: Rentals won't save the housing market

"[SFR] is the natural place to look for priced-out homebuyers, Jack Macdowell, CIO of Palisades Group, told us. You don’t get to build equity, but you do get a detached house and a yard near a nice school district."

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Sep 18 2023

Forbes: 2023 Mortgage Rate Projections: Expert Insights and Forecasts

"...our base case assumes mortgage rates tighten 25 to 50 basis points by the end of the first quarter 2024, or 7% to 7.25%."

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Aug 21 2023

CBS News: Mortgage interest rate forecast:

"While the dispersion of outcomes is wide, our base case assumes mortgage rates will be tighter by 25 to 50 basis points by the end of the first quarter 2024. This would put the 30-year fixed rate mortgage around 7%."

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Aug 04 2023

Alternatives Watch: Is the housing market healthy? Depends on whom you ask

...residential housing is likely to be a bright spot in the coming year, as troubles in commercial real estate, banking, and legacy tech valuations take the spotlight.

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Aug 01 2023

The Mortgage Report: Housing Market Predictions for Mid- to Late-2023

“Housing market health is a matter of perspective and definition. If credit risk is the focus, compared to the 2008 financial crisis the housing market is currently healthy.

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Jul 26 2023

GOBankingRates: Mortgage Rate Hikes 2023: What the Latest Increase Means for Homebuyers

...many will either adjust their budgets, search for lower-priced homes or remain renters, said Haseeb Rahman, portfolio manager at Palisades.

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Jul 12 2023

Family Wealth Report: Getting Deep Into Real Estate Credit At Palisades Group

“We want to add value by going one layer deeper [than the norm] by buying and owning these loans themselves. This is complete transparency. It allows us to make real-time decisions that influence performance of the underlying investment at the loan, borrower, and property level,” he said.

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Jul 06 2023

Palisades Group Welcomes Julia Coronado, Ph.D. as Senior Advisor on Macro Economic Trends and Policy

As Senior Advisor, Dr. Coronado will provide strategic guidance on macroeconomic trends and policy developments, working closely with Palisades' investment team. Her insights and research will help inform investment decisions, risk management strategies, and macro trends impacting housing and real estate-related credit sectors.

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Jun 16 2023

Financial Times (Unhedged): A false spring for housing

Inventory data is hovering around 1mn units, but usually averages 2-2.5mn, points out Jack Macdowell of Palisades Group.

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Jun 05 2023

CNN: The job market held up in May. But the Fed may have already decided to pause

“Some of that data should certainly start to filter through in the next month or two,” Jack Macdowell, chief investment officer at The Palisades Group, told CNN. “It will be really interesting to see what type of impact owners’ equivalent rent is going to have on inflation because that is definitely a lagged effect.”

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May 16 2023

Forbes: Housing Market Predictions for 2023: When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?

Tight inventory issues continue to keep prices high, perpetuating affordability challenges for many, especially first-time homebuyers.

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May 04 2023

Incoming Data Will Dictate Future Mortgage Rate Shifts

The 2-year and 10-year US Treasury yields are down 2-3 basis points, which could help mortgage rates as the market digests the news and adjusts,” Jack Macdowell, chief investment officer at the Palisades Group, said.

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Apr 03 2023

Fraser Armstrong-Watters joins UT Austin's McCombs MPA Advisory Council

Fraser Armstrong-Watters helps the University of Texas at Austin continue to be the best in the nation. He shares his expertise, career advice and all things accounting. Learn more about MPA

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Apr 03 2023

Scotsman Guide: Find Clarity in This Murky Housing Market

Volatile mortgage rates may determine housing demand and inventory levels

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Mar 28 2023

National Mortgage News: Scratch-and-dent volume appears to be on the rise

Right now, however, with nearly $10 trillion of loans originated during the recent crush, the size of the market is around $25 billion, said Jack Macdowell, chief investment officer at alternative asset manager The Palisades Group.

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Mar 01 2023

Financial Times: The Frozen Housing Market

That spread, as Jack Macdowell of the residential credit specialist Palisades Group pointed out to us, is 130bps higher than usual. This reflects expected rate volatility.

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Feb 27 2023

Business Insider: The CIO of a $9 billion real-estate investing firm explains why the US will avoid a 2008-sized crash

In certain markets, given the lack of inventory, prices are expected to be well supported from where they are today, according to our CIO Jack Macdowell.

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Jan 23 2023

Benzinga: Home Sales Are Down Again, But Disappearing Inventory Is What Investors Should Be Worried About

Friday’s housing data showed home sales still are on the decline. The bottom line? Our CIO Jack Macdowell, told Benzinga we need more product on the market.

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Dec 19 2022

Forbes: Experts Predict What the Housing Market will look like in 2023

What’s on the horizon for the housing market in 2023? Our Chief Investment Officer Jack Macdowell, Jr., CFA, shares predictions for the new year in a recent Forbes article.

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Jun 22 2022

Palisades Continues Support for Austin Habitat for Humanity

Another great day of service and camaraderie as the Palisades team was out in the Texas heat.

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Mar 18 2022

Palisades Supports Austin Habitat for Humanity

It was a great day of service and camaraderie as the Palisades team was hard at work at the Austin Habitat for Humanity build day.

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Mar 16 2022

MoXi and Kocomo Announce a Landmark Residential Financing in Mexico

The combination of Moxi's financing capabilities and Kocomo's unique co-ownership structure supports each firm's mission to democratize access to international homeownership.

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Feb 04 2022

MoXi Secures $300 Million to Extend Financing to International Homebuyers in LatAm

MoXi's mission is to democratize access to international homeownership through technology-driven lending solutions

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Jan 26 2022

Alex Koper Announces Rebranding of Global Mortgage to MoXi

The rebranding intends to further deliver on MoXi’s mission to democratize international homeownership.

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Nov 16 2021

Palisades Completes $200 Million Residential Construction and Rehab Loan Securitization

The Palisades Group, LLC (

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Sep 14 2021

EquiFi Announces Capital Investment from The Palisades Group to Fuel Residential Shared Equity Originations

EquiFi Corporation, a premier provider of shared equity home financing, today announced an agreement with The Palisades Group, a global residential credit and real estate asset manager, to fund its EquiFi Funding Instrument (EFI™) Equity Access product originations. EquiFi brings together homeowners and investors in a unique shared equity contract, allowing both parties to benefit from the future appreciated value of a home. EquiFi offers homeowners financial solutions that are debt free, charge no interest, have no monthly payments, and no fixed term that would force the homeowner to sell or refinance their home.

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Aug 31 2021

Palo Alto Fintech Point Raises Big Money To Buy Stakes In Americans’ Home Equity

Point, a fintech that allows homeowners to sell a portion oftheir home equity, said Tuesday that it raised more than $1billion in new capital commitments from Mill Valley-basedRedwood Trust (NYSE: RWT) and other major investors.

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Sep 29 2020

Short Takes: National Home Prices Continue to Rise

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller home price index was released today tracking home prices through July 31, 2020. While the data is on a two (2) month lag, the report confirms what many alreadyknow –that demand is strong for residential homes and supply is limited. This is driven in part by historically low mortgage interest rates, increase in personal savings over the summer months and an increase in the ability for individuals to work remotely.

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Aug 18 2020

Palisades Appoints Alex Koper III as President of Global Mortgage Group

The Palisades Group, LLC (“Palisades”), an alternative asset management firm, today announced the appointment of Alex Koper III as President of Global Mortgage Group, LLC (“Global”), a cross-border financial services business that provides residential mortgage solutions to U.S. citizens seeking to finance or refinance residential property in resort towns in Mexico.

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Nov 01 2019

Palisades Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Austin, Texas

After being in headquartered in Los Angeles, CA since 2012, we are excited to announce the relocation of Palisades corporate headquarters to Austin, TX. Palisades will maintain an office in Santa Monica, CA for those team members electing to remain in California and we will maintain our office in Chicago. Those team members relocating to the new headquarters will office at 6001 Bold Ruler Way, Suite 110 once the buildout of the new space is complete in February 2020.We considered several options with respect to our decision to relocate Palisades’ headquarters, but in the end, Austin was a natural and relatively easy decision. From a business standpoint, the centralized proximity to both the U.S. East and West coasts make travelmore efficient and there is a wealth of talent located in the Austin metroplex. We also see the opportunity for our team members to enjoy a lower cost of living without state income tax to be a draw to Texas along with the unique culture in Austin that offers so many lifestyle options.We look forward to welcoming our friends, colleagues, and clients tothe new office in 2020.

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Jul 19 2019

Palisades Acquires Cross Border Lender

An affiliate of The Palisades Group, LLC (“Palisades”), an alternative asset management firm, today announced the closing of its acquisition of a majority interest in Global Mortgage Group,LLC (“Global”), a cross-border financial services business that provides residential mortgage solutions to U.S. citizens seeking to finance or refinance residential property in resort towns in Mexico.

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Sep 27 2018

Palisades Team Performs in JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in SanFrancisco

When corporate values matter, results follow.It also helps to have great athletes.While the term “athlete(s)” takes on a non-traditional meaning in the workplace as hard-working and intelligent individuals collaborating to accomplish a common set of goals, on September 26, 2018, a team of Palisades’ “athletes” (using the more traditional meaning that refers to individuals competing in sport) participated in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in San Francisco.

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